who the hell are you

Howdy, my name is Jérémie. I'm a 38 years old fella living in southern France with two kids and a wonderful wife.

what you do for life

I design & code websites for like twenty years now. And just like Tim Berners-Lee said, the web has soooo much evolved, those last decades.

My source code always meet the following prerequisites :

but you make boardgames too

Correct, I've also created a satirical board game called Gondwaland where players are a lobbyist that helps multinational corporations seizing raw materials in Africa.

It's a 60 minutes game for 3-6 players (age 14+).

and you love cooking

Right, because just like HTML, cooking is love ❤️, so please find here some of my selected recipes. Try them, make them your own. And tell me how it goes !

can we contact you

Sure, send me a good old plain e-mail message and follow me on facebook, twitter, linkedin or mastodon