Welcome on my personal page

— Long time haven’t seen such title, right ?

This is quite usual, now people self locked them into social medias. And they only came out in order to buy things online or watching videos.

But we’re still here right, being such a loyal audience.

I’m a young dad, fulfiled with those two great kids, developping websites for more than twenty years. And I’m proud being now a web trainer. Because there’s hips of fox looking to understand how to build online projects, with their own vigorous fingers.

That is really cool.

I’ve also made a deliberately satirical board game called « Gondwaland ». It’s a game that focus on the insatiable appetite of multinational corporations for raw materials. Players are unpredictable lobbyists, doing all sorts of tricks to achieve their own ends. But is that only a game ? If you want to know more about it, see you on the official website of Gondwaland

Finally, being in love with all the diversity, here, on our good old planet, I try sometimes to immortalize some pictures, also testing & collecting small recipes from the world, designing colorful clothes made of african wax and I record small scene with a microphone, a drone or even using just a plain smartphone.


There it is, I’m happy having typed this cute HTML with my keyboard. Okay, enough chatting, now you can try my recipes (soon, lol), go discovering my board game or sending me an email.

See ya !