When you need something clean to play audio files, ask DeaDBeeF.


Many years ago, I was stuck inside Windows, because I was addicted to Foobar2000, one of the most customizable and fastest audio player I found. Then, a friend of mine told me about DeaDBeeF. I was convinced and decided to set me free with Linux, for good. So this page is dedicated to DeaDBeeF, that marvelous audio player.


sudo apt-add-repository ppa:starws-box/deadbeef-player; \
sudo apt update && sudo apt install deadbeef flac lame musepack-tools vorbis-tools wavpack;


Grouping by folder name#

Customizing the DeaDBeeF columns#

Here are my DeaDBeeF columns :

All based on this deadbeef title formatting progress (google-shame sheet) and that Foobar2000 Title Formatting Reference.

Custom shell commands#

Custom shell commands are useful, as you can right click a track from DeaDBeeF, open its parent directory, or do a quick search on Discogs...

Here are the custom shell commands I'm adding :

name command
+ Open Containing Folder nemo %D
+ Discogs This firefox www.discogs.com/search?q=%a+%b&btn=&type=all

Regarding my "Open Containing Folder" custom shell command, if you are using a different file manager than nemo, use yours instead !

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