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where is Jérémie ?

Now living in Fréjus, France with my wife and our two kids (6 & 3 years old).

what is up Jérémie these days ?

As of today, I am happily working for O'clock, as a web developer teacher. Positive vibrations, nice people, tons of motivated students.

what are Jérémie's interests ?

what is Jérémie's doing in his spare time ?

Making sourdough pizza napoletana, jumping around with a mountain bike, playing board games, open sourcing some code and working on my board game (where you are a dangerous man of influence, eager to gain control over African raw materials through the use of force, blackmail and bribery).

what is the current family's board games top list ?

  1. Cube Quest
  2. Lost Cities
  3. Blokus
  4. Diamant
  5. Kluster
  6. Dragomino
  7. Pokemon TCG

how can we reach Jérémie ?

Find me on Mastodon, Twitter and Codeberg.