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where is Jérémie ?

Now living in Fréjus, France with my wife and our two kids.

what is up Jérémie these days ?

As of today, I am happily working for O'clock, as a web developer teacher. Positive vibrations, nice people, tons of motivated students.

Heyyy, I've got my favorite recording equipment out again. Yesterday we had such a considerable thunderstorm so I started to chase those specific sounds around the house.

I do still love cooking and right now I try my best to be a better pizzaiolo. Just because I love experimenting with the dough (specially with the sourdough). But also because I think I fell in love with the minimal, authentic Pizza Margherita. I am quite often publishing new tested & approved recipes (in french for now) on my site Feel free to send me your very own recipes, if you really love them, and want to share them with us, you know, the people living on the world wide (no wild) web!

The first friendly (but satirical) board game I made - it's called Gondwaland - is unfortunately not published yet I'm afraid. Two different french game editors wanted to. But then, their business decreased, they said. So, here I am. But one day, that board game will be available. Too many people have played it, saying they had such a good time, while playing that sarcastic game. Some also saying that this is no ordinary game. Saying "Between the lines, we got the message !"