Jérémie's /now page#

Welcome to the Jérémie's /now page.

Who the hell are you#

👋 Howdy ho ! I'm Jérémie, a french arrogant bastard friendly fox, currently living in down south of France with my wife, our two kids (8+5), and all the family.

What the hell are you doing#

I was happy to be working as a web developer online trainer. Now preparing the next move : high school teacher.

What the hell are you drinking#

What the hell would you recommend to listen to someone who does not know you#

There are so many feelings in this Ali Farka Toure - Ai Bine (Mula Edit), try it !

What the hell are you playing with your kids#

Why the hell this page is versionated#

This /now page is versionated because all my website is actually versionated ! This is what I was expecting when creating markPush, a small script, that turns markdown files into a website ; so I can push the HTML online, and do some versioning on the markdown.

Where the hell can we find you#

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