Jérémie's /now page#

Welcome to the Jérémie's /now page.

Who the hell are you#

👋 Howdy ho ! I'm Jérémie, a french arrogant bastard friendly fox, currently living in down south of France with my wife, our two kids (8+5), and all the family.

What the hell are you doing#

I was happy to be working as a web developer online trainer. Now preparing the next move : high school teacher.

What the hell are you drinking#

What the hell would you recommend to listen to someone who does not know you#

There are so many feelings in this Ali Farka Toure - Ai Bine (Mula Edit). But you can also give a try to this « Conscious hip-hop live mix » made from an Android, for my buddy Gauthier. And in the end, cast an ear again on the creamy « Laurens Walking » by Angelo Badalamenti (RIP) from the motion picture soundtrack The Straight Story.

What the hell are you playing with your kids#

You know we do love board games (as we like creating new ones), but here is the list of the board games we are currently hard playing :

  1. Super Mega Lucky Box - Yep this game is a mix between bingo, scratchcard and candy crush. So addictive. Love it. All the family loves it, and wanna play it again and again.
  2. Qwirkle - Dude, sometimes I feel a little bit depressed about this game. I didn't know that all my family were going to adore it (almost a game per day, this is too much man, too much, too much!)
  3. The Quest for El Dorado - Adventure for all. Beautiful, easy, streamlined deck building game, with a perfect theme. I do really love this game a lot. Ah and we now use some « rainforest ambience sounds » and it's even better!
  4. Got Nuts! - Smallest game ever, so fun, idiotic and schizophrenic. You can bring this silly game everywhere, if you are not afraid of being ridiculous.
  5. Happy Fox - Easy, emotional, streamlined, with a tiny little piece of strategy, a recent game that is having its little success here.
  6. Mistigri / Old Maid - Found that kid's present a couple of days ago, and no one plaid it yet. Now it's our « current Uno », even if our youngest kid is not yet able to remain emotionless when he got the cursed card.

Oh, and I've just updated my favorite homemade game's web page, it's called GONDWALAND, check it out!

Why the hell this page is versioned#

Yup, this page is versioned, just like this whole « humanize.me » website. So you can dig into the full history of the page, and see what modifications came up. This is what I was expecting when creating markPush (a small script, that turns markdown files into a website) : keeping files smalls and versioned, while pushing the HTML online. All of my dreams come true 😢.

Where the hell can we find you#

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